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Our Products

Hackled Flax Fibers for Fabrics
Scutched Flax Fibers for Fabrics
Hackled Flax Fibers for Plumbing
Hackled Flax Tow for Fabrics
Rescutched Long Flax Tow for Yarn Industry
Rescutched Flax Tow for Paper Industry
Flax Shives
for Particle Boards Industry
Flax Seeds

Why choose us?

Huge Capacity

More Choices

Best Prices

Huge Capacity!

Our Company based in the largest flax cultivation and manufacturing area; so we have:

  • Large cultivation areas
  • The largest number of flax processing factories
  • A big number of specialists in cultivating and processing flax with accumulated experience of hundreds of years

More Choices!

We have Different Kinds of fibers in Various Grades determined by:

  • Fineness
  • Strength
  • Color
  • Length
  • Purity

Best Prices!

We believe that providing Best Price for a Specific Quality is a clear sign of business success, so we:

  • Diversify our options
  • Put the best price for each option as we could
  • Always do our best for customers satisfaction

About Us!

INMAA FLAX based in the largest flax farming and manufacturing area in Egypt which produces about 80%~90% of Egyptian flax products, so we:

  •  Export flax products directly from its land to our customers.
  • Provide yarn, fabric, paper, particle tables, automotive, and other factories with its needs of flax products in a number of choices.
  • Export flax products to many countries all over the world such as: China, USA, and some European countries.

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